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Shipping, containerized shipping, railway, motor transportation and oversized cargo transportation to Russia and from.

100% operativeness!

High quality services!

Efficiency and reliability!


Full service of commercial cargo delivery by different modes of transport to Russia and the CIS countries, as well as customs clearance of cargoes.


We understand the client`s need and offer competitive prices and wide variety of optional services to optimize business-process. Direct contracts with Russian Railways (RZD OJSC), Belorussian Railways (BCh) and the largest operators of the car fleet, operating offices in the ports of Saint Petersburg (FCT, PLP, NW) and Novorossiysk (NUTEP, NLE) allow to offer logistic solutions effecting favorably onto the client`s level of costs.


Cooperating with us you reduce the risks, control logistical process and increase your profitability.

In our work we are guided by the principle of maximal transparence, and we do not use illegal mechanisms and you do not lose your reputation. Taking into consideration imperfection of the Russian legislation on a number of issues our company primarily follows human values.

We help our clients in challenging situations, do not leave them facing the Russian state bodies and provide legal support if necessary. 

We take care of our clients!
We have advantageous location in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) in the northwest of Russia, 150 km from Estonia and 160 km from Finland. In the earliest time here was the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, at this very place in the early 18 century Peter the Great “opened a window to Europe”. Today, Saint Petersburg is the largest scientific, industrial, transit and cultural center of Russia and Europe. Million tons of cargos arrive here every year from all over the world, and then go to Moscow, the Urals, Siberia and big industrial centers of Russia.   Moreover, a lot of transit cargos from ports of Finland (Helsinki, Kotka, Hamina) and Baltic countries (Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn) go through the Saint Petersburg transfer hub.
What we do?
  • freight traffic to/from  Russia
  • delivery to/from Russia
  • cargos to/from Russia
  • import to Russia
  • export  to/from Russia
  • railway transportation in Russia
  • motor transportation in Russia
  • motor transportation to/from Russia
  • customs clearance in Russia
  • oversized cargo transportation in Russia
  • oversized cargo transportation to/from Russia
  • Russian shipping company
  • shipping company in Russia
  • logistics company  in Russia
  • logistics services in Russia
  • containerized shipping in Russia
  • containerized shipping to Russia



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